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Nowhere To Run To, Nowhere To Hide? Society, State, and Epidemic Diseases in the Early Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Balkans

Andrew Robarts

Andrew Robarts is Assistant Professor of History at the Rhode Island School of Design where he teaches courses on Middle Eastern, Ottoman, and Russian History. He is the author of Migration and Disease in the Black Sea Region: Ottoman-Russian Relations in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries (Bloomsbury Academic Press), Black Sea Regionalism: A Case Study (Oxford University Press), and “Reconstruction, Resettlement, and Economic Revitalization in pre­Tanzimat Ottoman Bulgaria,” in Wealth in the Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Balkans: A Socio-Economic History, ed. Evguenia Davidova (I. B. Tauris). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Plague and Contagion in the Islamic Mediterranean : New Histories of Disease in Ottoman Society

Arc Humanities Press, 2017



...IN THE EARLY part of the eighteenth century, a Hungarian military commander in the service of the Ottoman army recounted in his memoirs the following story he heard while over­nighting in the Ottoman town of Karasu (Cherna Voda...