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Reflectance Transformation Imaging

Digital Techniques for Documenting and Preserving Cultural Heritage

Arc Humanities Press, 2017

Book chapter


... Rendering.” Proc. Eurographics Symposium on Rendering Techniques, Norköping, 321–30. Eurographics. LW MacDonald 2015. “Representation of Cultural Objects by Image Sets with Directional Illumination.” Computational Color Imaging Workshop (CCIW),...
... images taken by a Nikon D200 camera with directional flash illumination. The effect simulates images of coins obtained by a photographic studio setup with axial illumination. © Lindsay MacDonald, 2017. The legends change depending...
... elements (MacDonald et al. 2013; Lapray et al. 2014). While the latter can offer better performance in terms of spectral resolution, they require sophisticated software and operator skills for the handling, processing, and interpretation...