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A Model Disaster: From the Great Ottoman Panzootic to the Cattle Plagues of Early Modern Europe

Sam White

Sam White is associate professor of environmental history at the Ohio State University and author of The Climate of Rebellion in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (Cambridge University Press, 2011), which examines environmental pressures in the empire’s crisis and transformation during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It received the Middle East Studies Association Albert Hourani award and the Turkish Studies Association M. Fuat Köprülü book prize. Prof. White has authored various articles and chapters on climate, disease, and animals in history, and a second monograph (forthcoming) on the influence of climate in early European exploration and colonization of North America. He is the lead editor of the Palgrave Handbook of Climate History and co­founder and co­director of the Climate History Network ( Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Plague and Contagion in the Islamic Mediterranean : New Histories of Disease in Ottoman Society

Arc Humanities Press, 2017



... of rinderpest, constitutes a previously unappreciated turning point in that empire’s long history.This account of the Ottoman panzootic builds on previous research in Sam White, The Climate of Rebellion in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (New...