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Mutilation and the Law in Early Medieval Europe and India: a Comparative Study

Legal Encounters on the Medieval Globe

Arc Humanities Press, 2017

Book chapter

...I should like to thank the editors for their invitation to write for TMG, the anonymous readers for their constructive criticism, and the Wellcome Trust for the grant (no. 097469) that supported research for this paper and my wider project...
...I acknowledge with gratitude the valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement given to me by Elizabeth Lambourn, Patrick Olivelle, and the two anonymous reviewers of the journal.In order to understand the legal use and significance...

Fatima’s royal shadow

Gender and Succession in Medieval and Early Modern Islam : Bilateral Descent and the Legacy of Fatima

Bloomsbury Academic, 2020

Book chapter

...‘The tongue of ‘Ali’Though Fatima’s role as successor to her father hardly seems reproducible, evidence from Shi‘i and other texts indicates otherwise. Other women closely associated with the ahl al-bayt likewise acted as successors – some...

Queenship in the Sultanate of Delhi (1206–1526)

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages

Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019

Encyclopedia entry

...Topic/event Description Established by Persianized Turkish slave rulers in the early thirteenth century, the Delhi Sultanate is largely seen as inaugurating the “medieval” period of Indian history. It reflected the general changing nature...

Cholera, Pilgrimage, and International Politics of Sanitation: The Quarantine Station on the Island of Kamaran

Plague and Contagion in the Islamic Mediterranean : New Histories of Disease in Ottoman Society

Arc Humanities Press, 2017

Book chapter

...This essay, originally written in Turkish, has been translated and revised for publication by Nükhet Varlık.THIS CHAPTER WILL focus on Kamaran quarantine station in the context of the late nineteenthand early twentieth­century international...

Queenship and Female Authority in the Sultanate of Delhi (1206–1526)

A Companion to Global Queenship

Arc Humanities Press, 2018

Book chapter

...THE LACK OF development of queens and queenship studies as a multidisciplinary field of analysis to supplement and enrich mainstream historical understanding for medieval South Asia has been a major lacuna in our understanding of those...
...I wish to thank Amita Kanekar, Amol Bankar, Anna Seastrand, Caleb Simmons, David Shulman, Elizabeth Bridges, Ellie Woodacre, George Michell, Herman Tieken, Jeroen Duindam, John Fritz, Jos Gommans, Kim Ragetli, Leslie Orr, Liesbeth Geevers...

Piety and Piracy: The Repatriation of the ARM of St. Francis Xavier

Remapping Travel Narratives (1000-1700) : To the East and Back Again

Arc Humanities Press, 2018

Book chapter

...A 1695 epigram described the threats that pirates posed to the fleet that was returning the arm of St. Francis Xavier to Europe from the Far East, via Goa, India. Through the epi gram, we catch a glimpse of the functional agreements...

Tales of Food and Hospitality

The Odyssey of Ibn Battuta : Uncommon Tales of a Medieval Adventurer

I.B.Tauris, 2010

Book chapter

...Apart from Ibn Battuta’s apparently all-consuming passion for travel, modern commentators have remarked upon other of his major interests. One was enjoying the pleasures of the table. Janssens discreetly qualified this judgement, saying...

World Developments

A Cultural History of Food in the Medieval Age

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

Book chapter

...The chapters in this volume have illustrated different aspects of food culture during the Middle Ages in Europe and in the Mediterranean world. This last section is an overview of the techniques, products, food-related behaviors, social...