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Medieval Clothing and Textiles provides access to the entire catalogue of Boydell & Brewer's market leading interdisciplinary Medieval Clothing and Textiles annuals, which will be updated with one new annual every year. This rich, cross searchable collection is the only opportunity to purchase the entire series in a single online package, made available as part of the Bloomsbury Medieval Studies digital hub.

Content Highlights

  • All 17 annuals from Boydell & Brewer's Medieval Clothing and Textiles series.
  • The best new research on medieval clothing and textiles, drawing from a range of interdisciplinary scholarship.
  • In-depth studies that cover a broad geographical scope and a range of periods, from the early Middle Ages to the Renaissance.
  • Popular subjects such as masculinity, the history of women, religious clothing, and the representation of clothing and textiles in literature, tapestries, and art are all well covered.
  • The collection will updated with a newly published annual each year.
  • Read the Medieval Clothing and Textiles Topic in Focus here.