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Coming March 2024 – Medieval World Reference Library

Medieval World Reference Library will provide digital access to a rich collection of ABC Clio’s market leading, student-friendly major reference works on the Bloomsbury Medieval Studies hub.

ABC Clio is an established major reference work publisher in the field of Medieval Studies with an impressive collection of multi and single volume works. This new collection will include 14 reference works spread over a combined total of 23 volumes, from historical encyclopedias and biographical dictionaries.

With a focus on the global history of the middle ages, the Medieval World Reference Library will provide students and instructors with accessible, expert reference works covering a rich breadth of subject areas. From Medieval life and culture, and a history of the Vikings, to Medieval literature, and the rise and fall of the Medieval world, this upcoming collection will be an invaluable go to resource for scholars of the global middle ages.

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Coming April 2024 – Medieval Literature Aloud

Bloomsbury Medieval Studies has partnered with The Chaucer Studio to make their unique collection of expert recordings of Medieval literature digitally available on the platform in the form of a new modular product. From Old English, Middle English, and Old Norse, to Middle High German, Old French and Italian, this vibrant collection includes many commonly studied core texts on Medieval literature and language courses, including:

  • The Canterbury Tales
  • Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages
  • Pearl
  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  • Piers Plowman
  • Dante’s Inferno
  • Nibelungenlied
  • and many more

With over 70 audio works and their transcripts covering over 110 hours, the audio recordings will be accompanied by a small collection of eBooks, including pronunciation guides, scholarly essay collections and some modern English translations of featured works, making this an unrivalled learning resource for scholars and students of Medieval Literature. Medieval Literature Aloud will support users learning the nuisances of Medieval languages and their pronunciation, and enhance students’ understanding of the original cultural contexts within which these works of literature would have been performed and experienced.

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