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Coming Autumn 2024!

Bloomsbury Medieval Studies is continually growing as we add new content, and expand our suite of modular products, making it possible for libraries to curate their own content collections based on the particular needs of their users. Read on to find out more about our exciting pipeline of content updates planned for 2024.

Bloomsbury Medieval Studies: Core Collection – Annual Update 2024

This collection is the second and final part of 2024 Annual Update, with an additional 15 front list eBooks from the Bloomsbury and Arc Humanities Press list. Topics include Iran under the Mongols, the remarkable history of the Norse myths, Judaism in South India, the Almoravid Maghrib, the Medieval Persian Gulf, an introduction to Indian aesthetics and much more, making this a vital collection for scholars studying the global Medieval world.

Medieval Clothing and Textiles: Annual Update 2024

Bloomsbury Medieval Studies is happy to be able to offer the latest volume in the Medieval Clothing and Textiles series, providing the best new research on medieval clothing and textiles, drawing from a range of disciplines. Annual 18 continues the Journal's wide-ranging and eclectic tradition, including topics such as the literary evidence for linen armour; serial production in late medieval silks; the inventory of Isabella Bruce's bridal goods; ideal female beauty in the Middle Ages and much more.

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