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With a focus on the global history of the middle ages, the Medieval World Reference Library provides students and instructors with accessible, expert reference works covering a rich breadth of subject areas. From Medieval life and culture, and a history of the Vikings, to Medieval literature, and the rise and fall of the Medieval world, this collection is an invaluable go to resource for scholars of the global middle ages.

Book cover for Women in the Middle Ages, Volume I: An Encyclopedia: A–J Book cover for The Byzantine Empire, Volume 1: A Historical Encyclopedia Book cover The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Global Medieval Life and Culture, Volume 1: Europe and the Americas Book cover for Vikings: An Encyclopedia of Conflict, Invasions, and Raids Book cover for The Mongol Empire, Volume 1: A Historical Encyclopedia

Content Highlights

  • 14 reference works spread over a combined total of 23 volumes, providing student-friendly content such as historical encyclopedias, biographical dictionaries and more.
  • Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of this varied field of studies, the reference works shine a light on life in the global middle ages through the varied topics of gender, regional studies, literature, religion, conflict and crisis, culture, and more.
  • The collection expands beyond the traditional western focus to provide an in depth look at life across the medieval world from a truly global perspective, providing students and scholars with a unique resource to globalise their curriculum and enrich their independent research.
  • Read our carefully curated Topic in Focus exploring the Medieval World Reference Library content here.

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