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Medieval Literature Aloud: Chaucer Studio Audio Collection

Medieval Literature Aloud: Chaucer Studio Audio Collection is an unrivalled learning resource for scholars and students of Medieval literature that provides exclusive access to audio recordings of key works read aloud by leading experts, alongside a curated selection of scholarly eBooks.

This unique collection includes full recordings of the most commonly studied core texts on Medieval literature and language courses making it an invaluable resource to support users seeking to hone their pronunciation, and enhance their understanding of the original cultural contexts within which these vital works of literature would have been performed and experienced.

Content Overview

  • More than 70 audio works of some of the most well-known works of Medieval literature, covering over 140 hours.
  • Commonly studied core texts on Medieval literature and language courses are included in full, including The Canterbury Tales, Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Piers Plowman, Dante’s Inferno, Nibelungenlied, and many more.
  • A broad range of Medieval languages, from Old English, Middle English, and Old Norse, to Middle High German, Old French and Italian, as well as examples of Medieval music.
  • Source text-aligned transcripts and captions for a selection of the most commonly studied works, with additional transcripts to be added to other works in the collection soon.
  • A small collection of eBooks, including pronunciation guides, scholarly essay collections and some modern English translations of featured works.
  • Read the Topic in Focus exploring the Medieval Literature Aloud content here.

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