Medieval Life and Culture

The Bloomsbury Medieval Studies is excited to introduce a brand new eBook collection featuring key titles from ABC-Clio’s market leading list, including the pioneering Daily Life series, and much more. This vibrant collection provides access to engaging and accessible eBooks that explore the diverse history of Medieval life and culture, from science and technology in medieval life, and the history of crime and punishment, to religious exchanges, the culture of Medieval games, and more. This Topic in Focus is your guide to explore the collection and delve into the global Medieval world.

Artifacts from the Ancient Silk Road

Artifacts from the Ancient Silk Road (2022) explores the interconnectivity of the Eurasian continent from 4000 BCE to 1000 CE, focusing on the role played by Central Asia through which passed the major trade routes, the Silk Roads. In this first object-based study to consider all of the peoples involved on the Silk Roads, objects provide the vehicles for explorations of different aspects of life for the various peoples of the Silk Roads. Open up the Medieval world through these fascinating artefacts from the Ancient Silk Road; discover more about the Sakā tribes of Medieval Kazakhstan with this Golden Warrior from the Issyk Kurgan, or explore the culture of dance and performance in through this gilt silver ewer from the Sasanian Empire.

Buildings and Landmarks of Medieval Europe

Buildings and Landmarks of Medieval Europe: The Middle Ages Revealed (2016) makes use of significant buildings as "representative structures" to provide insight into specific cultures, historical periods, and key events, as well as the everyday life of the Middle Ages. Through the use of detailed images, diagrams, vivid descriptions, as well as a concise chronology of the evolution of architecture across Medieval Europe, James B. Tschen-Emmons demonstrates how the construction, design, and function of famous structures can inform our understanding of societies of the past, covering social, political, economic, and intellectual perspectives. Click here to read more about the fascinating cultural and social history of the Mosque of Córdoba in Andalusia, and discover what this iconic landmark can teach us today.

The History of Medieval Medicine

Far from the primitive and barbaric practices the Middle Ages may conjure up in our minds, doctors during that time combined knowledge, tradition, innovation, and intuition to create a humane, holistic approach to understanding and treating every known disease. Medieval Medicine: The Art of Healing, from Head to Toe (2013) investigates the extensive capabilities of physicians who relied on practice, observation, and imagination before the supremacy of mechanistic views and technological aids. Luke DeMaitre provides a comprehensive look at diseases as they were described, classified, explained, assessed, and treated by doctors of the age. This fascinating chapter delves into the history of diseases in the Middle Ages, from poison to pestilence.

The History and Cultural Context of Medieval Music

Largely anonymous in its composition, and apparently lacking the motivation of fame and commerce, music within a well thought-out system of education served a purpose that goes far beyond casual entertainment or personal professional advancement. Nancy van Deusen's The Cultural Context of Medieval Music (2011) addresses the mental landscape surrounding music that was sung and experienced in the Middle Ages. Offering experience through performance, music exemplified the basic principles of the material and possible measurements of the visible and invisible world, making it an ideal medium for working with unseen substances such as concepts, imaginations, and ideas. This chapter takes a closer look at the resources, material and composition of music as a culture of the mind.

Mythology in the Middle Ages: Heroic Tales of Monsters, Magic, and Might

Myths of gods, legends of battles, and folktales of magic abound in the heroic narratives of the Middle Ages. Mythology in the Middle Ages: Heroic Tales of Monsters, Magic, and Might (2011) describes how Medieval heroes were developed from a variety of source materials. Discussing the meanings of medieval mythology, legend, and folklore through a wide variety of fantastic episodes, themes, and motifs, Christopher R. Fee guides the reader through key texts from across the Atlantic and Baltic coasts of Europe, the Holy Roman Empire, the Iberian peninsula, North Africa, Byzantium, Russia, and the far reaches of Persia. Click here to discover more and delve into the exciting world of Medieval monsters, magic, and mythology.

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