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Bloomsbury Medieval Studies: Core Collection

Cover for The Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages

Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages

This new and exclusive major reference work commissioned by Arc Humanities Press takes an inclusive approach to the history of the middle ages. It includes overviews based on specific regional areas as well as thematic overviews of key concepts within their global contexts. Case study articles provide deep dives into how these broader themes can be explored through specific, global examples and the encyclopedia will be expanded to include object case studies. The encyclopedia aims to provide readers with scholarly articles by global contributors and specialists in all things Medieval, to bring the Medieval world alive and present how, as today, diversity and connection competed with isolation and conflict during this significant era in global history.

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eBook Collection

Bloomsbury Medieval Studies features more than 220 eBooks including scholarly monographs, companions and primary texts from four different publishing imprints: Bloomsbury (including Constantinople by Jonathan Harris and Witch Beliefs and Witch Trials in the Middle Ages by PG Maxwell-Stuart), IB Tauris (including The Great Caliphs by Amira Bennison, Dante by Barbara Reynolds, Winter is Coming by Carolyne Larrington and A Short History of the Anglo-Saxons by Henrietta Leyser), Arc Humanities Press (including the ‘Past Imperfect’ series) and Amsterdam University Press. These books are fully indexed and cross searchable by keyword using our custom taxonomy.

MS639/1 is a leaf of a Noted Missal of Hereford Use from the second quarter of the 12th century

Incunabula and Illuminated Manuscripts of Senate House Library

Bloomsbury have licensed high-resolution scans of works from some of the most important Medieval writers, from Chaucer and Petrarch, to Langland and Boethius. Covering themes of magic, astronomy, philosophy and more, these illustrated books enable the user to discover each page in exquisite detail and draw informed conclusions about the text. These invaluable research tools are explored in depth through our exclusive Primary Source Commentary Article series.

Itinerary to Jerusalem map

Medieval Maps of the British Library

A collection of 12th-15th century maps have been included within Bloomsbury Medieval Studies. The digitized editions of works by Matthew Paris, Ranulf Higden, Bartholomaeus Anglicus and more, allow users to explore how contemporary cartographers understood the Medieval world. Our exclusive series of Primary Source Commentary Article series explores these unique resources as historical objects in their own right and delves deeper into their contextual history.

Image from Metropolitan Museum of Art

Image partnerships with leading museums and galleries

1000 images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection have been included on the resource. With content ranging from 4th to the 15th century, the Met image collection complements academic research and allows for a more rounded and inclusive understanding of Medieval history. From chalices and tunics, to scrolls and swords, the carefully chosen Met images illustrate the life and history of the Medieval world.

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Research and Learning Tools

Bloomsbury Medieval Studies provides a range of pedagogical resources that introduce students to key subject areas, support instructors in their teaching and serve as jumping-off points for further research. Thematic Lesson Plans serve as a tool for instructors to structure classes, and the carefully curated Subject Guides bring together the site’s extensive content into manageable lists. The Primary Source Commentary Articles give students an accessible overview of key Medieval documents, while the Introductory Article series offers global overviews of important themes.

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Bloomsbury Medieval Studies features an interactive timeline of over 500 historical events, from the 4th – 15th centuries, based around the platform’s content. Users can click on the images and coloured pins to discover book chapters, encyclopedia articles, images and more, divided into the regions of Africa, Americas & Oceania, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Medieval Clothing and Textiles

Cover image of Medieval Clothing and Textiles volume

Medieval Clothing and Textiles provides access to Boydell & Brewer's entire catalogue of market leading interdisciplinary Medieval Clothing and Textiles annuals. This rich interdisciplinary collection is the only opportunity to purchase the entire series in a single, cross-searchable online package, made available as part of the Bloomsbury Medieval Studies digital hub. The series features multiple examinations of specific clothing items - from wimples and tippets, to hoopskirts, capes and headdresses – as well as studies in the weaving, embroidering, and exporting of clothing and textiles around Medieval Europe.

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Medieval Life and Culture

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Medieval Life and Culture is a vibrant collection of 38 eBooks, dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of daily life during the Middle Ages. Brought together in a unified content bundle on the Bloomsbury Medieval Studies platform, institutions can curate their own selection of digital learning resources all on one cross searchable digital resource. From music and sport, and religion and family life, to medicine and warfare, this rich and diverse collection provides a unique window into the everyday lives of the Medieval world from a truly global perspective.

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Medieval World Reference Library

Cover image of the volume The Byzantine Empire

The Medieval World Reference Library brings together 14 key reference works from ABC-Clio’s market leading history list, from historical encyclopedias to biographical dictionaries. With a focus on the global history of the middle ages, this impressive collection provides students and instructors with accessible, expert reference works covering a rich breadth of subject areas. From Medieval life and culture, and a history of the Vikings, to Medieval literature, and the rise and fall of the Medieval world, this collection is an invaluable go to resource for scholars of the global middle ages.

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Medieval Literature Aloud: Chaucer Studio Audio Collection

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Medieval Literature Aloud: Chaucer Studio Audio Collection brings together a unique collection of over 70 recordings of key works of Medieval literature, read and performed by leading experts, combined with scholarly eBooks to support students and researchers improve their pronunciation and understanding of the original cultural contexts within which these works of literature would have been performed and experienced.

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