Award Nominations

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2020 Independent Publishing Awards

Shortlisted: IPG Digital Publishing Award

Bloomsbury Publishing is shortlisted for its Medieval Studies platform for researchers and librarians. With careful market research, excellent functionality and flexible payment models, it generated good sales immediately after launching in late 2019. The judges said: “This is a great product that has been curated with a clear understanding of what its users want, and that fills a gap in the market.”

Reviews for Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Medieval Studies

ccAdvisor, Dr. John Sandstrom, New Mexico University, July 2020

“One of the strengths of BMS is that it is designed to, and consciously has, a global and interdisciplinary scope.”

“The crown jewel of this platform is the exclusive access to a new resource.”

“BMS has several strengths. The greatest of these is the way it integrates the variety of sources of the Bloomsbury Publishing company into a single, interdisciplinary platform. The mix of primary, secondary, and modern resources is especially useful for students who may still be struggling with these concepts.”

“An additional strength of BMS is its global approach, as opposed to the heavily Eurocentric approach of many competing projects. This is best seen in the Explore Places tab, which divides the world into eight geographic regions representing almost 100 countries."

“Bloomsbury recruited an outstanding editorial advisory board of 20 of the most respected researchers and teachers in the field of medieval studies. Under the watchful eyes of this group, the quality and reliability, as well as future additions, should be maintained at the current high level.”

Praise for Bloomsbury Medieval Studies

Richard Bleiler, University of Connecticut, April 2020

"I was sceptical [about Bloomsbury Medieval Studies] as we have a lot of resources on the topic already, but I was proven wrong. When I looked at it, it showed us what we didn’t realize we were lacking. It’s got great coverage of places, not just Western countries… It is really great, the worldwide coverage is something we’re not getting elsewhere."

Faculty, Georgetown University, April 2020

"I've just given Bloomsbury Medieval Studies a spin... I was pleasantly surprised by the number of results when I typed in keywords relevant to my own areas of research (China, Dunhuang); also, its global scope will enable student research on topics from a cross-cultural perspective, for example, relics and reliquaries."

"The Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages has articles of very high quality. The attention to objects and images as a way in to the Global Middle Ages suits my own approach and I expect will be very helpful to others. And the thematic strands, like the one on queenship, are intelligently crafted."