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Bloomsbury Medieval Studies is an interdisciplinary digital resource with a global perspective supporting academic teaching and study of the Medieval world. The growing platform is the digital home of the Bloomsbury Medieval Studies Core Collection, Medieval Clothing and Textiles, Medieval Life and Culture, the Medieval World Reference Library, and Medieval Literature Aloud: Chaucer Studio Audio Collection, enabling institutions to curate their own bespoke content collections to best suit the needs of their students and scholars.

With a unique range of cross searchable primary and secondary material, Bloomsbury Medieval Studies is a one-stop resource for the study and teaching of the Medieval world.

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"It showed us what we didn’t realize we were lacking. The worldwide coverage is something we’re not getting elsewhere."
Richard Bleiler, University of Connecticut

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Bloomsbury Medieval Studies: Core Collection

The Bloomsbury Medieval Studies Core Collection brings the global middle ages to life and enhances academic research with a unique, interdisciplinary combination of primary material and secondary scholarship, as well as a growing suits of pedagogical teaching and learning tools. Content includes:

  • Over 220 scholarly books - hand chosen by our exemplary Editorial Advisory Board, the extensive list includes primary texts, research monographs, companions and more from Bloomsbury and other top publishers in the field such as IB Tauris, Arc Humanities Press and Amsterdam University Press.
  • The Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages - a new and exclusive reference work written by an international group of scholars which combines thematic overviews, regional overviews, object case studies and core case studies.
  • Exceptional visual sources - including newly-digitized and rare incunabula from Senate House Library, high-resolution medieval maps from the British Library, and 1000 images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • A growing selection of research and learning tools - curated by major scholars, the rich collection of Lesson Plans, exclusive Primary Source Commentary Articles, and a brand new series of Introductory Articles provides research aids for students and supports instructors looking to globalise their course and integrate the Bloomsbury Medieval Studies platform within their teaching.
  • An interactive timeline - with a global focus, placing image and text content from across the resource within their time and geographical region.

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Medieval Clothing and Textiles

Medieval Clothing and Textiles provides access to Boydell & Brewer's market leading interdisciplinary Medieval Clothing and Textiles annuals. This rich, cross searchable collection is the only opportunity to purchase the entire series in a single online package, made available as part of the Bloomsbury Medieval Studies digital hub. Content includes:

  • 17 annuals from Medieval Clothing and Textiles - the entire catalogue of Boydell & Brewer's market leading annuals on one cross-searchable platform.
  • The best new research - the articles offer in in-depth studies that cover a broad geographical scope and a range of periods, from the early Middle Ages to the Renaissance.
  • Popular subject coverage - topics such as masculinity, the history of women, religious clothing, and the representation of clothing and textiles in literature, tapestries, and art are all well covered.
  • Annual Updates - a new annual will be added every year, ensuring access to the most up to date research in this vibrant field.

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Medieval Life and Culture

Medieval Life and Culture is a vibrant collection of 39 eBooks from the ABC-Clio list, dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of daily life during the Middle Ages. This rich and diverse collection provides a unique window into the everyday lives of the Medieval world from a truly global perspective. Content includes:

  • 38 eBooks which were carefully selected by experts on the Bloomsbury Medieval Studies Editorial Advisory Board.
  • All Medieval titles from the Daily Life series, an award winning collection which explores the daily lives of ordinary people through time and across the globe, providing details about family life, work, food, clothing, sports, language, literature, romance, education, gender roles, social customs, and more.
  • Provides a truly global perspective of the Middle Ages with titles exploring topics such as artefacts from the Ancient Silk Road, daily life in the Medieval Islamic World, the cultural history of Judaism, Nomai dance in Medieval Japan, perceptions of global migration, and the roles of women in the Medieval world, to name a few.

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Medieval World Reference Library

The Medieval World Reference Library is a rich collection of student-friendly major reference works from the market leading ABC-Clio list. With a focus on the global middle ages, the module provides access to single- and multi-volume reference works covering a wide breadth of subject areas within the interdisciplinary field of medieval studies.

  • Includes 14 reference works spread over a combined total of 23 volumes, including historical encyclopedias and biographical dictionaries.
  • Shines a light on life in the global middle ages through the interdisciplinary topics of gender, regional studies, literature, religion, conflict and crisis, culture, and more.
  • The collection expands beyond the traditional western focus to provide an in depth look at life across the medieval world from a truly global perspective.

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The Medieval Literature Aloud: Chaucer Studio Audio Collection

The Medieval Literature Aloud: Chaucer Studio Audio Collection is a unique collection of audio recordings of key works of Medieval literature, read and performed by leading experts, combined with scholarly eBooks designed to support students and researchers improve their pronunciation and understanding of the original cultural contexts within which these works of literature would have been performed and experienced. Content includes:

  • More than 70 audio works of some of the most well-known works of Medieval literature, covering over 140 hours.
  • Commonly studied core texts on Medieval literature and language courses, including The Canterbury Tales, Beowulf, Pearl, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Piers Plowman, Dante’s Inferno, Nibelungenlied, and many more.
  • A broad range of Medieval languages, from Old English, Middle English, and Old Norse, to Middle High German, Old French and Italian, as well as examples of Medieval music.
  • A small collection of eBooks, including pronunciation guides, scholarly essay collections and some modern English translations of featured works.

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