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Queen Zaynab Al-Nafzawiyya and the Building of a Mediterranean Empire in the Eleventh-Century Maghreb

Inês Lourinho

Inês Lourinho has been a journalist since 1992; she has completed her licence (bachelor’s degree) in communication in 1998 at the New University of Lisbon. In 2007 she enrolled in the master’s program in medieval history at the University of Lisbon, which she concluded in 2010 with a thesis, “1147: A Conjuncture Analysed from the Muslim Sources Perspective,” under the supervision of Professor Hermenegildo Fernandes. She has recently finished her PhD thesis, “The Frontier of Gharb al-Andalus: Confrontation Ground between Almoravids and Christians (1093-1147),” with the same supervisor. Currently she is a researcher at the Centre for History of the University of Lisbon, with al-Andalus, Maghreb, Christian-Muslim relations, frontier cultures, Mozarabs, warfare, and medieval fleets among her fields of interest. She is mentioned in the book The Historiography of Medieval Portugal (c. 1950-2010), edited by José Mattoso and published in 2011 by the Institute for Medieval Studies (New University of Lisbon), due to her research on Islamic and Mozarabic studies. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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A Companion to Global Queenship

Arc Humanities Press, 2018


...ABU BAKR IBN Umar, the emir of the Saharan Lamtuna tribe, was focused on building a city, the future capital of a forthcoming Maghrebi and Andalusian empire, when he was called away from this project to help his own people, who were being...