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The Future of Aztec Law

Legal Encounters on the Medieval Globe

Arc Humanities Press, 2017

Book chapter

...Abstract This article models a methodology for recovering the substance and nature of the Aztec legal tradition by interrogating reports of precontact indigenous behavior in the works of early colonial ethnographers, as well as in pictorial...

Live Donkeys at Last

Christ on a Donkey — Palm Sunday, Triumphal Entries, and Blasphemous Pageants

Arc Humanities Press, 2019

Book chapter

...Even after 1424, live donkeys in Palm Sunday processions were few and far between. The Franciscan guardian’s use of a donkey under Muslim rule in Jerusalem, between 1480 and 1757, was exceptional. I have found no other record...

Agrarian Maya Culture and Civilization

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of the Global Middle Ages

Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019

Encyclopedia entry

...Theme Description The ancient Maya are known for their dramatic architecture, their beautifully carved stela, their elaborate hieroglyphic texts, and their calendric and astronomical observations. The foundation of Maya civilization...

World Developments

A Cultural History of Food in the Medieval Age

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

Book chapter

...The chapters in this volume have illustrated different aspects of food culture during the Middle Ages in Europe and in the Mediterranean world. This last section is an overview of the techniques, products, food-related behaviors, social...