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The Ambiguities of Female Rule in Nayaka South India, Seventeenth to Eighteenth Centuries

Lennart Bes

Lennart Bes is a historian and Indologist studying political culture at Indic courts. He recently submitted his PhD dissertation at the Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands), which concerns court politics in the south Indian Vijayanagara successor states. In the past he was employed at the Netherlands National Archives, where he worked on the records of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). Currently he is teaching at Leiden University on the history of India and Southeast Asia, European expansion, and the VOC and its archives. He has published on early modern south Indian kingdoms, their contacts with the VOC, and Dutch records concerning SouthAsia. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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A Companion to Global Queenship

Arc Humanities Press, 2018

Book chapter

...I wish to thank Amita Kanekar, Amol Bankar, Anna Seastrand, Caleb Simmons, David Shulman, Elizabeth Bridges, Ellie Woodacre, George Michell, Herman Tieken, Jeroen Duindam, John Fritz, Jos Gommans, Kim Ragetli, Leslie Orr, Liesbeth Geevers...

Piety and Piracy: The Repatriation of the ARM of St. Francis Xavier

Remapping Travel Narratives (1000-1700) : To the East and Back Again

Arc Humanities Press, 2018

Book chapter

...A 1695 epigram described the threats that pirates posed to the fleet that was returning the arm of St. Francis Xavier to Europe from the Far East, via Goa, India. Through the epi gram, we catch a glimpse of the functional agreements...