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The Samanids: The First Islamic Dynasty of Central Asia

Early Islamic Iran

I.B.Tauris, 2012

Book chapter

...Each one of the chapters in this volume, for all the rich diversity of their subject matters, touches upon a common theme: the impact of pre-Islamic Persian concepts and world-views, which survived the shock of the Arab conquests...

The Gate of Iron

Robert Haug

Robert Haug is Assistant Professor of History at the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, University of Cincinnati, where he also runs the Middle East Studies programme. He received his PhD from the University of Michigan and has published in peer-reviewed journals and edited collections on medieval frontier regions. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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The Eastern Frontier : Limits of Empire in Late Antique and Early Medieval Central Asia

IB Tauris, 2019

Book chapter

...Rāsht at the end of Khurāsān In his Book of the Routes and Realms, Ibn Khurradādhbih (d. 911) included a route he called the ‘Chaghāniyān Road’ (ṭarīq al-Ṣaghāniyān).ʿUbayd Allāh b. ʿAbdallāh Ibn Khurradādhbih, Kitāb al-masālik...