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Nizām al-Mulk: A Maverick Vizier?

The Age of the Seljuqs

I.B. Tauris, 2015

Book chapter


... in thirteenth-century Anatolia, another Seljuq fighting vizier comes to mind whose conduct in power resembles that of Nizām al-Mulk – Mu‘īn al-Dīn Parvāna (d. 676 [1297]).See C. Hillenbrand ‘Mu‘īn al-Dīn Parwāna’, in Encyclopedia of Islam,...

The Life and Times Of ‘Amīd Al-Mulk Al-kundurī

Medieval Central Asia and the Persianate World : Iranian Tradition and Islamic Civilisation

I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd, 2015

Book chapter


... there is also an analysis of aspects of the Seljuq vizierate: cf. Carole Hillenbrand, ‘Nizam al-Mulk: A maverick vizier?’, in Edmund Herzig and Sarah Stewart (eds), The Idea of Iran , Vol V: The Age of the Seljuqs, (London, 2014), pp. 24–35. Two...